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Located in Lake Huron, Thunder Bay is adjacent to one of the most treacherous stretches of water within the Great Lakes. Unpredictable weather, murky fog banks, sudden gales, and rocky shoals earned the area the name “Shipwreck Alley.” Today, the 448-square-mile Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary protects one of America’s best-preserved collections of shipwrecks. Fire, ice, collisions, and storms have claimed over 200 vessels in and around Thunder Bay.

The sanctuary works to protect the Great Lakes and their rich maritime history through research, education and resource protection so this and future generations can enjoy these underwater treasures.

Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center

The sanctuary’s visitor center offers over 11,000 square feet of exciting exhibits for all ages. You are invited to venture back through the Shipwreck Century. The exhibits includes life-size scale replicas of a Great Lakes schooner battling a storm and a shipwreck that visitors can explore, all without getting wet!





The Center is also Gold LEED certified, and the sanctuary’s “green story” is told throughout the exhibits.


Free Admission

Summer Hours begin Memorial Day weekend  
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturdays in July and August until 7:00 pm

Winter Hours Begin mid October
10:00 am – 5:00, Monday – Saturday





There are dozens of wrecks in the Thunder Bay area. Hover over a shipwreck below to see its facts and photos. Lake Huron and Mother Nature collaborate on which shipwrecks they're willing to share on any given day. Scroll over icons to view more details.
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